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🌟 Exciting News from Dance Ville and The CDGN! 🌟

Get ready to unleash your creativity at “Kriss Kross” – an electrifying exhibition and competition celebrating the fusion of Costumes, Make-up, and Dance! 🎭💄💃

Teams will collaborate to craft a dazzling 3 to 5-minute performance that will captivate both the audience and judges. 🌈✨

Join us on the 9th of December at 7pm as part of the Dance-A-Ganda Festival for a night of incredible talent and artistic expression!

Registration is absolutely FREE! 🎉 If you’re a passionate Costumier, Makeup artist, or Dance team leader, secure your spot now by filling out the form through the link below.

Register here>>

Let’s make this event a showcase of boundless creativity and unforgettable performances! 🚀🌟 #KrissKross #DanceVille #CDGN #DanceAGandaFestival

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