Welcome to the Dance Diva Project, a female dance competition that aims to empower and inspire dancers to make a positive impact on their communities. Our pageant is dedicated to promoting and celebrating strong and talented female dancers in our community. Through our event, we offer support and recognition for the hard work and dedication of these women.

Our mission goes beyond dance, as we strive to change the narrative around women in the performing arts industry. By showcasing the strength, creativity, and determination of our participants, we aim to challenge the stereotypes and biases that have long been associated with female performers. Our ultimate goal is to empower these women to see themselves as valuable and important members of the community, capable of making a difference through their artistry and leadership.

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This year, we are giving N300,000 in prizes and lots more. We will also be providing classes and mentorship programs for our contestants. If you are passionate about dancing, you should sign up. Become the star you were born to be and change the world one step at a time. Registration is N2,500. Click the button below to get started. 🚨 Hurry! Registration ends on November 30th, 2023. Don't miss your chance to shine! 🚨 For more info contact 08144659464, 08069061580 Let's break stereotypes, empower women, and celebrate the art of dance! 💖✨

The Pageant Stages

The Diva will be selected at the end on three rounds

Round 1

Show the audience your dance moves and own that stage! This is a Solo round; contestants will be expected to present a dance routine that is 3 mins max. In any dance style or genre.

Round 2

Present a project you would like to use your dance to promote. 💪🌟 Our Dance Diva will be expected to use her dancing to promote a cause or develop a project. In this round, the contestants will present a short speech on what they would like to work on, if they emerge as winner. This presentation can be in any language, but if the contestant is using anything other than English, she would have to come with a translator.

Final round

The contestants will present a dance performance that depicts the project or cause she is presented in round 2. This performance can have other dancers and props with her on stage (but she must be the point and/or star of the performance) This round should not be longer than 7 mins.

Our Current Diva: Gracious Wisdom

Ms. Gracious Wisdom Ekere is our current winner and bearer of our Dance Diva Crown. She hails from Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State. Nigeria.

Her dance specialty is contemporary ballet.

Gracious trained at the True Gold Ballet School, Uyo and has been a member of Seed royal radiance, Jiyenech and currently a Blue Blood Citizen at Dance Ville.

Apart from performances, she also coaches kids for dance competitions and school programs.

Become a Diva Guardian

Our guardians are individuals and organizations that contribute monthly, quarterly and annually to our project and vison.

Your contributions will help in nurturing dreams of young girls around the country and help us change the narrative of women in performing arts.

Stay Tuned

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