About the Arena

Two weeks Dance Imersion

The Dance Arena is an innovative initiative that synergizes dance, culture, and tourism promotion. It empowers young dancers, amplifies the nation's cultural identity, attracts tourists, and bolsters the local economy. By investing in this endeavor, the government demonstrates its commitment to holistic development, cultural preservation, and economic growth. We approach activities to engage dance from 4 angles. The dancers, the producers and the media.

“Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.” – Martha Graham


Activites at the arena

Dance Classes

The classes include and are not limited to Nigerian and other African dances. Technique development. Dance composition and movement storytelling. List of instructors and resource persons are coming soon

Workshops and Discussion pannels

We will be hosting deep discussions and career-planning activities for the participants. The goal is to equip them with information and knowledge to excel in their dancing.

Excursions and show case preparations.

With the classes and rehearsals, we will also be giving them a good time in the city of Uyo. Our participants will not only have a wonderful time, but will be inspired to be all they can be.


Support the arena


To support the Dance Arena, the government, individuals or organizations can provide financial sponsorship, offer access to suitable venues, contribute expertise in dance or event management, and assist in connecting with local tourism authorities.

Your involvement will empower youth, promote culture, and boost tourism, fostering a vibrant cultural and economic landscape.

You can also donate to our cause by clicking the link below